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A good grooming must start with a good bath. At Fur Factory your dog will be shampooed twice (maybe three times – you know who you are!) with a gentle clarifying shampoo. We also have specialty shampoos – oatmeal, medicated, hypoallergenic, undercoat releasing, etc. – that we will use at our discretion for no extra charge. If your dog has a prescription shampoo, or just one that you really like, bring it and we’ll be glad to use it. We also use various conditioners, coat sprays, and dematting products based on what your dog’s coat needs.


After the bath, your dog will shake shake shake, then be towel dried. Then we will use a high-velocity dryer to blow out most of the water. This part of the process is extremely useful for loosening mats and undercoat, and achieving a smooth fluffy look, but it can be stressful for some dogs. We use a variable speed dryer to achieve the best results with minimal stress. We will finish drying your dog using a combination of room temperature air fans and stand dryers. The stand dryers are the only of our dryers that are heated, and they are only used while the dog is on a grooming table, so there is no danger of a dog overheating during the drying process.


Once your dog is clean and dry, we will thoroughly brush, comb, and if appropriate, remove shedding undercoat. We don’t charge extra for deshedding – we believe it is an essential part of grooming. We will cut and/or Dremel the nails. We will check/swab/remove excess hair from the ears. There are differing schools of thought regarding what’s best for preventing ear infections, so we try to stay in the middle of the road – we minimize excess hair using clippers and plucking where appropriate, and swab out wax using cotton balls and commercial ear wash. If your dog is short- haired, or just here for a bath, you’re done!
For slightly longer haired dogs, we can trim the hair around the feet, eyes, or sanitary areas as appropriate.

If your dog requires a full haircut, we are skilled in all breeds and are glad to trim to breed standard or style of your choice. Pictures are welcomed! Again, if your dog’s coat has become too tangled, a shorter haircut may be required.


Our grooming prices are pretty much all-inclusive. We want every dog to leave looking its best, so we use whatever products and techniques we need to achieve that for no additional charge. Exceptions are:


If your dog is tangled beyond the few normal snags, but with some extra time and effort can be humanely dematted, there may be an extra fee. We will always discuss this with you before charging you.

Tooth Brushing

We will brush your dog’s teeth using a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste formulated for dogs. This will remove surface gunk only, and is no substitute for veterinary scaling. The charge is $10.


Nails: Cut and Dremel – $15

Eye hair trim: $15


Big or small, we groom em all!


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